Meet Melissa.
hi hello hola my name is melisa but you can call me mel. i'm 14 years old ((yes finally omg)) and i'm from mexico, yes we have cars here and no i don't like tacos. i guess you could say i'm awkward and shy and yeah but if you get to know me i'm very annoying, idk.

i'm very sensitive and i cry over everything so be kind please??¿ um idk

my fav tv show is teen wolf, i love anime i watch pokémon and naruto more than anything tho, and nEJI IS NOT DEAD. i ship sterek and i also ship bullshit and yes i like to read ((john green is god)). i like the janoskians, 5sos and 1d, marianas trench is like, the best thing ever i also like guns n' roses, the beatles, the doors, bon jovi, etc, etc bc of my dad. i mean, jim morrison is my spirit snimsl. bands have ruined my life. 6/07/12 was the best day of my life because i got to see 1d on concert and gosh yes.

i guess i've always known what i want to be for the rest of my life, kind of, yeah. since i was a little kid i've written songs and done comics and drawn, i've always had my little world inside my head and i've invented a lot of stories inside it, i want to be a writer - i want to help people. i want to let teenagers know they're not alone, and they're not stupid and they're loved, idk man

i live in torreon, coahuila ((ahre)) and its like, kind of a town idk bc anyone know the city but yeah, i was born in monterrey and i've never been in usa, pls take me there i can show you curse words on spanish.

my girl crush is lily collins or jennifer lawrence or cara delevingne or idk bc they're so perfect and yes im dating luke hemmings #muke #otp.